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Thesis of Investigation Using Yaxin-0232 Thermocouple Published in <Chinese Journal of Medical Ultrasound> (Electronic Edition)
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     Thesis Enhancement of high intensity focused ultrasound-mediated transfection of pEGFP-N1 plasmid DNA in pancreatic carcinoma cells in vitroby researchers from Suzhou University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University was published in (Electronic edition) (Jun.2010.(6)).

    For the experiment of the research, Yaxin developed a special thermometer with high sensitivity and most speedy detection--Yaxin-0232 Thermocouple.

   According to the customer’s demand, its speed of temperature measure reaches up to 500 ms, in order to detect the minor and instant variation in a sample (8μL) of cancer cells in effect of ultrasound , so as to accuray obtain the deactivation temperature of cancer cells.

   The study aims at providing a basis of deactivation temperature of cancer cells, which refers to a new medical cure of cancer called “Heat Therapy”.

   For Yaxin, this is the first time to apply its product in a research of cancer curing, which may imply a potential foreground for the category.

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