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Yaxin-1161G Chl-fluorescence Analysis Settled down in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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       Not long ago, Yaxin-1161G Chl-fluorescence Analysis was successfully settled down in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and effectively applied in the research of experiments on agrology. The adoption of Yaxin-1161G by a noted institute once it appeared shows its uniqueness in design, performance and applicable practice of Yaxin calegory, that manifests the business idea of Yaxin: collaboration with customers in doing initiative studies.
     The Institute had previously used similar instrument from abroad for years, but the inadequacy in design of foreign facilities did not meet the demand and delayed the research progress. Early 2011, the Customer contacted with Yaxin, and Yaxin completed design in a short time according to the especially individual demand. A finalized supply had delivered to the customer through previous tests with satisfaction. The category now is improved for field use. This greatly deletes the laborious pretreatment of sample needed by the foreign instrument, increases the operating efficiency and reduces the work load of operators. Meanwhile, Yaxin proposes to increase new functions to the instrument following the customers’ studies.
    Due to the uncertainty of demand to the device for creative studies, Yaxin keeps on noting the further requests and providing more and better services.

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