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Technical Support & Training Policy
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Technical Support Policy

Technical Support & Training Policy

(1)Purchasers of Yaxin Liyi products can be assured of ongoing support and prompt and efficient attention to enquiries at all times

(2)All products supplied by Yaxin Liyi are guaranteed for 24 months from the time of dispatch against manufacturing faults or defective materials

(3)The guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse or unauthorised attempts to repair

(4)If difficulties are experienced with the equipment, please contact us for technical advice

(5)If necessary, equipment may be returned for repair/replacement during the warranty period. No charge will be made for parts/labour under warranty but we reserve the right to charge for customs clearance and return carriage if appropriate

(6)For repairs outside of the warranty period, either contact Beijing Yaxinliyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. directly or, if the product was purchased via a distributor, please contact them for advice in the first instance.


We provides free support and software updates for all products. Our scientific staff and engineers provide knowledgeable assistance from operation of our instruments for the very first time, to in-depth hardware and software troubleshooting and guidance.

We offers free training on the instrument for owners of the following devices: Yaxin-1105 photosynthesis&Fluo meterYaxin-1102G photosynthesis meterYaxin-1165 Plant Fluorescence Kinetics Measurement SystemYaxin-1168 Algae Fluorescence Kinetics Measurement SystemYaxin-1201 Plant Canopy Meter.

Technical Support & Training Policy

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