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Yaxin-1102G P-Photosynthesis System Operation Manual

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    Thank you for choosing the products of Beijing Yaxinliyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Please read this manual carefully before use, which will enable you to better use the product and get effective data. 

    Yaxin-1102G P-Photosynthesis System is a consummation after comprehensive upgrade of existing products and process improvement, based on over ten years of experience of the company in research and development and manufacturing of plant physiological and ecological instrument.The instrument has a high cost performance with powerful automation, light weight, low power consumption, simple operation. The combination of new design concept and multi-function is the most remarkable feature of it. The whole system includes:monitor, keyboard, microprocessor, data memory, infrared CO2 gas analyzer, flow control system and battery, etc. Combined with its standard accessories, it can fully meet the requirements of measuring photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductance, intercellular CO2 concentration, light and CO2 response curves. The whole system also has the functions of intelligent calibration, specification setting, fault reminding, multiple measurement and data management.  Except for the basic photosynthesis measurement items of Pn, Tr, Ci, CO2 int, Pn/Par curve.and other functions are newly added for the product. The instrument has had an essential improvement in air flow organization, leaf chamber structure, sensor performance.The products have had a revolutionary enhancement and improvement in intelligence, automation and interface friendliness. Yaxin-1102G has a stable and reliable performance with powerful software and a larger upgrade space.

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