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How to Measure the Leaf Area of Pine Needles by Yaxin-1241 Portable Leaf Area Meter
Hits:3322 Title:2012-03-05

      Once Yaxin-1241 Portable Leaf Area Meter was put into market, it has been strongly noticed and increasingly adopted by customers.
    Among the consultation from public, how to measure the pine needles by Yaxin-1241 Meter is the question from most Customers. To answer the question, the laboratory of Yaxin does the following experiment, and some briefly effective result is obtained:
   Material: 40 paces. Of pine needles (each of 80-10 cm length, 1 mm diameter)
   Apparatus: Yaxin-1241 Portable Leaf Area Meter
1. Horizontally lay the pine needles on the mould press of Yaxin-1241 Meter (As shown in the Fig.).
2. Uniformly move the scan probe down against the guide on the left of the base plate.
3. Take the area readings by the scanning.
4. Repeat the above steps 3 times.
In the experiment, the reading by manually graph counting is 31.8 cm2, and the reading from the apparatus: 30.29 cm2, the error: 4.7%.
1. Lay the pine needles close to one another as possible, but not overlapped.
2. Avoid pine needles perpendicular or tilted to the plate, or big error will occur in the the experiment.
3 It will be noted that the pine needle is polyhedron, the reading of the instrument shows the needles’ projection area.
    Note: The accuracy of other readings shown in the instrument is out of the question.

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