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Cautions for Application of Yaxin-1241 Leaf Area Meter
Hits:3148 Title:2012-03-02

Yaxin-1241 Leaf Area Meter has been broadly noticed once it appeared in the market. A number of Customers have purchased it. For the Users to use more properly, some cautions are given as follows:

1. Make sure that the battery connector and the instrument cable plug are carefully checked and firmly connected.

2. The diaphragm must been clean when doing measure. The accuracy may be influenced by contaminated or worn diaphragm. If so, replace the diaphragm with a new piece in the box of packet.

3. Be sure to avoid sun shining direct to the front of the probe when doing scan. The operator should do scan with his back to the sun shining, with the meter placed in the shade.

4. Press the red key of scan, wait till the signal “Scanning…” showing on the screen of display, then start to move scan probe. It will influence on the accuracy to move the probe too early ahead of scanning.

5. Along the travel of probe scanning, make sure the probe is always firmly pressed against the rail track on the left of bottom, till the scan is finished. Never shake the probe laterally during scan operation.

6. The instrument dose not automatically saves the measuring data when scan is completed. To save the data of measure, be sure to short press the red key of scan, till there is an indication that the data has been saved. This means the data of measure is surely be saved.   



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